Personalized Profiles Come to Netflix

According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, the company is working on bringing personalized profiles to the service. The feature will allow you to create separate profiles for each of your family members. Each profile will feature its own viewing history, and it’s own recommendations. For profiles belonging to kids under 12, the recommendations will be automatically based on their “Just For Kids UI”. This announcement was made during the company’s fourth-quarter 2012 earnings call, but came with the stipulation that the feature’s release was, “not imminent”.

Netflix has been working for quite a while to introduce multiple streaming plans catering to individual users as opposed to households. Not much is known about them at the time, but it’s assumed that the plans will be similar to cell phone family plans where users will have the option to enroll additional accounts at reduced prices. According to their Investor FAQ, this move is meant to shift the company’s focus from targeting households to individuals instead, and capitalizing on the additional revenue streams that the mobile device segment, consisting of phones and tablets, brings to the table.

Netflix has already begun limited beta testing with a select few of its subscribers, and has been quiet on the details surrounding its implementation.

The new profiles are currently being tested on the PC version of their software, and there is a PS3 version currently in the works. Photos of the new features are floating around the web, but given the company’s tendency to test different implementations with different groups of people, it’s safe to say that none of them accurately represent what the final versions will look like.

If the test is successful, then expectations are that it will be rolled out to Netflix’s entire user base as an added feature, potentially at little to no extra cost.

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