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AboutAirportParking Review



The Good: A traveler can save time and money using AboutAirportParking.com. In using the system, someone could receive as much as 70% discount on airport parking rates. By reserving online, it provides hassle free experience while choosing guaranteed parking spots. From the parking lot, you typically have shuttle service available around the clock to transport you to an from the airport.

The Not So Good: Most lots associated with AboutAirportParking.com are usually not conveniently located near the airport and will require additional transportation in the form of a shuttle or taxi. When I’ve used them, I usually found myself 2-3 miles away from the airport. You’ll have to wait for the shuttle but once you are on it, it’s a 5-10 minute ride to the airport.

The Verdict: For a small niche market, the service provided at AboutAirportParking.com would certainly help anyone traveling that needs vehicle parking. Be sure to plan ahead and allow for additional time for the parking, waiting for a shuttle, and shuttle ride to the airport. In addition, be sure to keep the shuttle service phone number with you as when you get back from your trip, you’ll need it to call them to pick you up. From my experience, I was able conveniently book online and get my reserved parking while saving on cost.


The whole database of AboutAirportParking.com consists of over 400 individual parking lots, with each parking lot individually identified as to the services offered, physical structures and other accessory services. This whole system not only provides greater choices for vehicle owners who plan ahead but it also provides greater affordability for the individual when utilizing the service.

AboutAirportParking.com was acquired in April 2010 by Oversee.net from T2 Media. Oversee.net is located in Los Angeles, CA.

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