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Beachbody Review – Home Workout Videos




The Good: Beachbody is a website that offers health products and programs such as Hip Hop Abs, Yoga Booty Ballet, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, Power 90, P90X and the Kathy Smith’s Project: YOU. There are also supplements to be used to create a wonderful body such as the Slimming Formula, 2-Day Fast Formula, Performance Formula, Meal Replacement Shake, Results and Recovery Formula and ActiVit MultiVitamins. It offers programs suitable for both men and women. There is a thirty (30) day money back guarantee with a specific toll free number for customer assistance, orders and concerns.

The purpose of the website is to promote a variety of weight loss and fitness plans, using daily regimens, diet and right fitness gear to be able to achieve weight loss goals. Aside from the individual benefits, there is also a multi-level marketing business where individuals who use the products can promote the products to their connections and other circles to invite them to purchase the products for their own personal health benefits. Thus, the whole program not only provides personal health benefits but also personal financial benefits in the long run.

The Not So Good: The business model of Beachbody involves multi-level marketing. This aspect of the business is quite confusing, as the business systems are outdated and the business plan is quite difficult to implement. This leads to issues when the individual seeks to earn on the health programs available from the company. Basic issues such as updating payments, deliveries and other administrative matters need major improvements in order to be effective for all seeking to include this in their life plan.

As for the products, the varied systems available as well as the supplements can be quite confusing for the novice individual. There is also a need to seek doctor’s approval before any program is to be undertaken as the available programs are generally for the advanced set of fitness enthusiasts seeking to achieve their health goals. The major issues is the drastic lifestyle modifications needed to follow the proposed programs and aside from these purchases, additional equipment need to be purchased in order to fulfill all promised benefits provided in the site.

The website may be confusing at times.

The Verdict: Depending on the purpose of the individual, the recommendation would differ. If an individual is interested in the benefits offered by the many programs and supplements available at Beachbody, then this site would be one of the best in the market today. With any weight loss program, it will require a level of commitment and lifestyle changes to see results.

If the purpose would be to enter into business, then it is best to be quite wary since the business model as well as processes would serve to be detrimental to growth rather than support actual financial growth.


About: Beachbody was founded back in 1998 by partners Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. The company offers many health products and programs depending on their specific requirements. Many of the products and programs have quite catchy names and the site proposes not only the use of the programs and products but also provides online support as well as other guidelines to achieve health and fitness objectives. The company currently runs many television ads that have become the most popular infomercials in the United States.

Best Selling Fitness Programs:

  • Insanity(R)
  • P90X(R)
  • Brazil Butt Lift(R)
  • Tony Horton’s 1-Minute Trainer(R)
  • P90X2(R)
  • Les Mills Pump
  • TurboFire(R)
  • Insanity: The Asylum(R)
  • Hip Hop Abs(R)
  • Body Beast(TM)
  • Power 90(R)
  • ChaLEAN Extreme(R)

Shipping Areas:

  • United States
  • Canada

Method of Payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express


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