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GoToMyPC Remote Access Review



The Good: Easy to setup (as little as 5 minutes). It’s easy to use with access capabilities from a Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad device. Inexpensive pricing plans.

The Not So Good: The ability to copy and paste from a remote computer to your access computer works most of the time but there are times it doesn’t work at all. When accessing the remote computer, the performance can have some delays. At times, when you log off a session with the remote computer, the session is still active and when you log in again, you need to force access the remote computer.

Verdict: Overall, I highly recommend GoToMyPC. The ease of use provides easy access to my remote computers. There are many times I needed access to my office computer to execute certain tasks and I’ve been able to complete those tasks without any issues. I’ve performed a large amount of work by remote accessing my office computer.

GoToMyPC is one of the best remote access solutions available today. It offers easy access to any Windows computer from anywhere around the world. As you access your remote computer, you can access files and applications as if you were in front of the computer.

Imagine you are taking a trip in Italy and your office is located in New York. During your trip, you have an emergency at the office and you need access files and office network resources (i.e. servers) to put out this emergency. By using GoToMyPC from Internet cafe in Italy for example, you will have access to all your files and resources to take care of the issue at hand.

Setting up GoToMyPC is easy and you don’t need to have/hire an IT professional to setup remote access. You simply install a GoToMyPC client software on the computer you want to remotely access. Once it’s installed and configured, you will have access to that computer when needed. The setup is so easy, you can have your remote access setup in 5 minutes or less.


  • Easily access your computer and files any where around the world.
  • Use applications on the remote computer.
  • Remote printing capabilites.
  • Remote access windows computer with a Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad device.

How is GoToMyPC being used in a company environment:

  • Remote computer trouble shooting.
  • Work from home or off site location by remote accessing office computer and network.
  • Transfer files to and from remote computer to local computer.
  • Print from your remote computer to your local printer.
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