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The Good: OvernightPrints.com provides three general design workflows, with the express design providing assistance on pre-made templates while the advanced designer provides online interactive graphics interface. The third option is upload your design, allowing for a truly personalized printed product for your business or personal needs. This efficient process is able to deliver a high quality product for your use.

The Not So Good: The first issue is its misleading name. In reality, what is done overnight is the printing and not the delivery of the printed product. This takes time. Another drawback to the system is the lack of the proofing review, which is essential for large bulk orders. This often results in bulk order errors in design as there is no way that the hard proof printed product can be reviewed by the client before final printing. There is also no guarantee as to print from design color matching consistency, making for a hit and miss issue especially when it comes to quality complaints with the company.

The Verdict: When looking for quick, efficient and low cost printing for low-impact products, then this is the service to use. Most of the design control is up to the client with only printing and delivery within the responsibility of the service provider. It is best to order in small bulks, one hundred prints or so in order to avoid issues that have been identified in the long run.


OvernightPrints.com is an online service provider that offers all that a business owner would need for their paper printing purposes. These include offering business cards, large or regular postcards, letterheads, flyers, brochures and envelopes. The company also provides custom printing services using its very easy to use website. Clients can upload their own designs for free or choose from thousands of design templates from the company’s database.

The service is very simple using the latest technologies to provide the best possible print options for the client’s needs. Other services include creation of self-inking stamps for the company and custom designed t-shirts for commercial purposes.

Furthermore, the service provides high quality offset prints using the thickest and most durable card stock and the brightest links on paper to create the best custom printed paper product for the client’s business needs. The printing time from order is as their moniker suggests is overnight while it does take time for shipping and delivery using their UPS hub. This often takes a turn around of two days at the quickest, but maximum time can be between five and ten days turnaround for those not on a deadline.

The company also offers a mail solution service to it’s customers, offering to rent a mailing list obtained from infoUSA or through the client’s own mailing list to have printed products directly sent to potential customers using the US Postal Service. This service includes ink jet addressing, CASS certification, post standardization, sorting and postage handling by OvernightPrints themselves.

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