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Quickbooks Review – Accounting Software



The Good: The latest version of the popular Quickbooks line provides the basic services such as accounting tasks for billing, payroll management and fiscal reporting. The Pro version is now able to send email through Yahoo or Gmail. Other new information available, especially for inventory management, would be identification of the most purchased item, payments received as well as balances available. There is also a collection center with a search tool more powerful than its predecessors in locating records inputted into the database. The collection center is able identify overdue accounts and send out batch emails for those with overdue or delinquent statements.

Another upgrade of this version is its online connectivity to the Intuit database website. There are periodic updates available as well as upgrades that can assist in the installation and troubleshooting issues. There is also an online paid support plan option for users, allowing for month by month plans or an annual service fee plan. There is an available 100 GBs of back up memory space available online, data recovery assistance as well as 24/7 phone customer service report. There are other support plans available, such as month to month or per incident charging. For all subscribers, there is an available one hour of free support for new users.

The Not So Good: The Quickbooks Pro still has a few items left out to make it a true personal one stop accounting service software. These include the no cost accounting sub programs for FIFO or LIFO methodologies. Another issue is the continued increasing cost of purchasing the unit as well as the costly support service packages offered by Intuit. The common issue is inconsistent customer services provided to callers, with some complaining of poor or inutile services while others praising the service to the high heavens.

The Verdict: Aside from the items discussed in the Not So Good items, the Quickbooks Pro is one of the best if not the best small business accounting software available in the market today. The one stop one service accounting software is ideal for entrepreneurs and start ups, allowing for great value for great service in making business decisions in the long run.


Back in 1983, Scott Cook and Tom Proulx established Intuit in Mountain View, CA., USA. Their very first product was Quicken, the individuals financial management software program and then expanded to the small business owner niche with Quickbooks. The original Quickbooks software has undergone many changes, with the latest version being Quickbooks Pro available to small business owners.

In the earlier versions of Quickbooks, there were severe limitations especially when it comes to database storage and upgrades. The latest version, Quickbooks Pro, is a world away from its predecessors. The new version includes remote access capabilities, electronic payment function, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, online banking and reconciliation, improved email functionality with other public email servers and a whole host of new upgrades and functionality. It currently runs on Linux servers as of 2007.

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