Xbox 720

According to details leaked by Xbox World, the next iteration of Microsoft’s flagship video game console, informally dubbed the Xbox 720, will offer a host of new features, including Blu-Ray, an updated version of the Kinect, and an A/V port for watching TV. Details on the next Xbox are few and far between thus far, but the new console has been codenamed “Durango”, and confirmed to be powered by a CPU with, “four hardware cores, divided into 4 logical cores” and 8 GB of RAM.

The first item of interest here is the updated Kinect.  Although Microsoft has been tight-lipped about any and all details regarding the console and its features, a few enterprising users managed to get a hold of leaked company documents that allegedly lay out a “roadmap” for the future of the Xbox, including the Kinect. According to these documents, the next version of the Kinect, informally dubbed Kinect 2.0, will have a much higher level of accuracy, being able to track individual fingers, improved voice recognition, and the ability to track up to 4 players at once.

For years people have debated on whether or not the Xbox will jump on the Blu-Ray bandwagon, and rumors on both sides of the argument have persisted for several years now. If the leaks are to be believed, however, then Microsoft will indeed be including Blu-Ray with the next version of the Xbox.

Other interesting features include audio/video inputs for watching and recording TV, TIVO-style, and directional audio. The controller is slated for an update as well, with information released in February of this year stating that the next Xbox will come with an “innovative controller” featuring a built-in HD touchscreen with remote control functionality to support the TV-recording features.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft also appears to be interested in bringing AR (augmented reality) glasses to Durango at a later stage in the console’s life, although exactly what they plan on doing with it, and how it will integrate with existing features, remains uncertain at this time.

According to Xbox World’s editor-in-chief, all the details should be revealed before E3 in June.

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